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my anxiety, my depression and my crippling self-doubt

you know that vine with the young girl locked in her car, jamming to ‘my neck, my back’? whenever i think of my mental health, i usually sing along the title of this post to that exact song. humor, often misunderstood, is such a therapeutic and fun way to deal with one’s mental health. it […]

the ‘ideal’ uni lyf

Post-high school is filled with a whirlwind of opportunities, as well as some well deserved fucking freedom. The primary opportunity presented in my culture was that of university, the epitome of capitalism in the educational discourse. Now, uni was something I always had an inclination towards, not due to pressure and expectations, but out of […]

may 1st

i keep telling myself that i will eventually pull my shit together, finally organize the shitfest that is my life. however, you can’t really sort yourself out if you’re a dysfunctional mess on a psychological and emotional level. i honestly don’t know what i’m doing. i find myself with no motivation to commit myself to […]

the oppression of cleopatra at the hands of misogyny

Misogyny. It is something that is inherent to our culture. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it is something that manifests itself in even the most menial issues, and has the ability to obscure reality. Cleopatra VII Philopator, or more commonly known simply as Cleopatra, is the perfect example of inherent misogyny and its […]

social oh so social media

Social media is quite a powerful tool. It is powerful in the sense that we ourselves create a discourse that is moulded to reflect our own mentalities. We choose who we follow, we like what we like and coding and whatnot ensures that our feeds remain consistent with our interests, and by extension, our perceptions. […]

western censorship

  Media ownership is something I am quick to associate with censorship. I guess this presumption stems historically from the blatant abuse of power which has led to media as a tool of manipulation. Looking back, there are many instances where ownership has led to some form of censorship. The most prominent example which many […]

friends, or just some racist, homophobic, misogynistic mates?

As humans, we are inherently vulnerable, some more so than others. This vulnerability manifests itself through our ability to absorb rhetoric, mannerisms and ideas from our environments and the people whom we surround ourselves with. We are easily influenced by multiple agencies, and this can prove to be problematic. The media is arguably the biggest influence […]