oh hermes,

you always manage to fly into my life at the oddest times. but i don’t mind. your company is a pleasure to have, always.

a golden shine seems to constantly emanate from you. an iridescent glow from within that ive become wary of bathing in. you are wholly unapologetic, so bold and so full of life. you know nothing of limits, because everywhere and everything is an opportunity. your paradigm is set to acknowledge raw beauty, a natural joy. i admire such folly. to live as we should, with freedom and sheer fascination.

yet whispers of your wrongdoings tickle my ears. your trust has always been tainted with a need to spill forth. some call it gossip. but i know that you crave the attention. an addiction based in social interactions feeds your incessant optimism. and from this grows a charming persona that entices and seduces. medusa’s snakes is an apt metaphor here. you always leave me feeling stunned and unsure. our personalities embody dichotomies and in your presence i feel often trapped.

but you have grown on me as of late. i could learn from you about being unapologetic, drunk on freedom. you make it look so beautiful, so easy. how is it so easy? to live and love without care, without worry, without anxiety. trauma incites maturity i used to think. but all its done is welcome fear and wasted time. wasted time i have only now begun to make the most of. thanks to you, every day is a day to do good, and live. a freedom high. bathing in your glow does wonders (better than the fountain of youth).

i adore you child. don’t let this harsh world kill your soul.

liber, my sweet hermes.



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