my anxiety, my depression and my crippling self-doubt

you know that vine with the young girl locked in her car, jamming to ‘my neck, my back lick my pussy and my crack? whenever i think of my mental health, i usually sing along the title of this post to that exact song. humor, often misunderstood, is such a therapeutic and fun way to deal with one’s mental health. it allows us to bond and know that we aren’t alone in this realm of perpetual suffering.

mental health is quiet a contentious topic to discuss. there are few who don’t believe in the validity of mental health. those types that claim ‘pray the sadness away’ or ‘just be more happy’. like what even you dumb fuck. smiling isn’t going to cure me of my depression. mental health is a serious point and is interrelated to your own physical health. dopamine levels, xanax, dissociation and other science-y terms, look them up b


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