i feel detached, no longer tethered. was i ever tethered in the first place? loneliness coils around my heart, its cold presence so consistent i’ve convinced myself that it’s all i need. what i want is nothing but external influences deluding me into thinking that i am unworthy. unworthy of the love, warmth and care […]

she was like a summer thunderstorm, a bold figure seeking to pierce the golden haze of deluded content. she was wholly unapologetic, raw beauty symbolic of a natural resonance with the earth and all of its allure. to be in her presence was akin to witnessing an angel descend. she was beyond ethereal. reality until […]

the waves kiss my feet like old lover’s of apollo gentle caresses much too foreign for kindness was merely secondary to his existence as male i told him baby with my heart of glass cradled in hs hands that i give you my all and everything i have but being male taught him sticks and […]

apollo, it’s been many moons since we first met and i am still trying to figure you out. a soft-spoken soul with a raging desire to be free. you fooled me when i first laid eyes on you. a gentle giant, hands made for caressing and caring, so kind and beautiful. but it wasn’t soon […]

hestia, sweetie. you’re lost but too naive to admit it. you’ve been lost since you opened your eyes and stumbled into this ruthless world. you only see the surface, too innocent, too fragile to reach further and uncover the rawness of this existence. hestia, dear, you still look at the world through the eyes of […]

the waves kiss my feet like old lovers of zeus there is no malice or demand for submission subtle caresses whispers.. a comfort I struggle to find in the arms of another of you the ocean is volatile but never will it lie never will it retreat for good without a nod goodbye never will […]

oh hermes, you always manage to fly into my life at the oddest times. but i don’t mind. your company is a pleasure to have, always. a golden shine seems to constantly emanate from you. an iridescent glow from within that ive become wary of bathing in. you are wholly unapologetic, so bold and so […]

my hades, our relationship is toxic. so toxic. every exchange leaves me feeling rattled, yet content with my own demons. i worry for you all the while embracing the demons that torment me every moment. i sleep peacefully during nightmares now. i know i shouldn’t but you give me a twisted sense of comfort that […]

dearest persephone, our relationship dynamic has changed and i am suddenly unsure of who i am. you surely must know by now that i’m sensitive to these kinds of things. it’s like i’m attuned to your energy, with minor shifts inciting an internal discourse that will never see the light of day. a minor inflection […]

you know that vine with the young girl locked in her car, jamming to ‘my neck, my back lick my pussy and my crack? whenever i think of my mental health, i usually sing along the title of this post to that exact song. humor, often misunderstood, is such a therapeutic and fun way to […]